by zond


Strokes is a series of computer generated, digital artworks entirely made with javascript and SVG string manipulation. The series investigates the distinctive evolutionary elements of algorithmic computer art by employing an older version of the Organic Machines algorithm, and serves to connect the algorithms brushstrokes origins with their contemporary counterparts.

As an experiment with blockchain based generative art, and more specifically – inscriptions on the bitcoin blockchain – the series also explores the meaningful parallels between Ethereum & its predecessor, Bitcoin (proto-ethereum) and Organic Machines & its predecessor Strokes (proto-organic machines).

Strokes at their core are the same HTML file using the first 16 transaction hashes on Bitcoin block no. 777069 as seeds for the inscriptions. The block used was announced publicly at 9:33 PM UTC on Feb 17, 2023 & mined 1hr 33min later at 11:12 PM UTC – as a way to introduce verifiable pseudo-randomness while maintaining the permanent storage aspects of the bitcoin blockchain.


Strokes is /imagine/'s second curated generative collection inscribed on the bitcoin blockchain. A total of 15 pieces will go on sale on a first-come-first-serve basis on Thursday February 23 at 3:00 PM EST.
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