by zond


Organic machines is a series of computer generated, human-curated, digital artworks entirely made with javascript and SVG string manipulation. The algorithm plays with the contrasting rigidity of sharp edges and the fluidity offered by curves – resulting in a sense of scale, movement and flow, as if the pieces are all part of a larger system. learn more

Collection 9 of 24

Sold for 5Ξ to sighduck.eth
Sold for 2.25Ξ to jayg.eth
Sold for 2Ξ to casabecker.eth
Sold for 4.6942Ξ to intartNFT.eth
Sold for 1.3125Ξ to capitulate.eth
Sold for 3Ξ to mikegee.eth
Sold for 2.15Ξ to @stephensantoro_
Sold for 2.541Ξ to jayg.eth
Sold for 1.25Ξ to backseats.eth

Completed Auctions


Organic machines are minted on a Manifold ERC-721 contract in small batches periodically, until the collection size hits 24. New pieces will be auctioned off on Manifold Gallery.

The algorithm may thoughtfully evolve over the duration of this project to incorporate new sources of inspiration while maintaining the cohesiveness of the collection.

Fully editable source .SVG files available on request.